About Us

Mathdia originated as the brain child of Mr. M.K Gupta during his Engineering Graduation final years. A blog for Mathematics was the first idea which later transformed into a full-fledged Website for Mathematics.

The site envisioned students or individuals interested in Mathematics being the sole end users in the beginning. Later on it was decided that the colleges as an entity should be given a place in the user domain so that there would be an opportunity to post events and conduct contests and also to encourage collective ventures especially related to Mathematics.

Addition of Organizations into the site's user domain was the next development. At first the idea was to provide a platform for organizations / firms / institutions to propagate their ideas and products. Later the finding that it would be beneficial to bridge the different sections of users prompt us into giving the organizations facility to recruit the users registered with the site.

Mathdia started with the intention to aid and encourage Mathematics study and research among students and the other interested parties. Later the site was developed into a platform to connect jobseekers and organizations and also giving an opportunity for different ventures to publish and advertise their products.

Mathdia is an ongoing project still growing and striving to achieve excellence. We are into providing the best service to our users.

Our future plans

  • An educational award for meritorious and deserving students.
  • A charitable trust to extend help to the less privileged brotherhood worldwide.