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Messaging Appication

1 ) If you want send message to someone else, either you have to join their fans club or they have to join in your fans club.

2 ) Your interview confirmations, fans club notifications and certain site activities are reported via messages. The same information is forwarded to your mail id's too.

3 )When you delete your messages from inbox or outbox, it will be moved to your trash box. You can access the deleted messages from your trash box. But if you delete the messages from trash, it will be permanently deleted from your account. 

4 ) We recommend you to ask your doubts related to your studies especially maths to the persons those who have top mathdia rank &  mathdia genius level.

Fans club Activities

1 ) You can create your fans club ( Try to create the name related to your future research areas in mathdia )

1 ) You can join others' fans club

2 ) Post your research topics ( coming soon )

3 ) Share the research topics ( coming soon )

4 ) Promote your research topics ( coming soon )

Job Applications 

You can submit your application through interview details section or company's profile page. Once your application is submitted, your resume is also forwarded to the company.

Once you are shortlisted for a particular post, you will get a confirmation email and message.

For better results, you will have to submit your resume to mathdia before you sent the application.

Posting Jobs

If a job is posted by a company, then they will receive job applications via mathdia. Applications are also sent to your mail id.

If you want to post some jobs that you got via some forwarded mail, then you will have to mention the web address of the original job post, for better clarification.

All job posts are under daily evaluation process. So if you are registered as company, then post your job only if you need people. Don't post job for your company's promotion.

If you are registered as a user, then post the job only if you are certain about materialising the interview.

Posting Questions

You can post

1 ) General Knowledege Qusetions

2 ) Simple Mathematical Questions

3 ) Current Affairs Questions

You can't post

1 ) Personal Questions

2 ) Any abused contents

All questions are forwarded to our question evaluation team for scrutiny and verification.

Attend Online Test

Online Test has 3 levels

1 ) Beginner Level
      Maximum score for one question :: 3 marks
      Negative mark for wrong answer :: 1 mark

2 ) Intermediate Level
      Maximum score for one question :: 6 marks
      Negative mark for wrong answer :: 3 mark

3 ) Advanced Level
     Maximum score for one question :: 10 marks
     Negative mark for wrong answer :: 5 mark

Once you click on the start button, your details will be added to our database. So you can't attend the same test again.

Your genius level is calculated using these test results. Based on the test result, we will calculate your genius level using our high end Math formula. Your score, negative score, maximum score for the particular tests all are used for this calculation.

Recruitment Process

Company can

1 ) Recruit the students via their job post.

2 ) Search students by college from their company management zone.

3 ) Invite college for particular interview.

4 ) Invite one or more students.

All recruitments are informed to particular students,  colleges via mails.

Export Event & Persons Attending Jobs 

Use Internet Explorer for exporting the user details into excel sheet.