Terms & Conditions

( 1 ) Any form of user's account attack is punishable

( 2 ) Organizations shouldn't post any dummy / fake interview notifications. Post interviews only if you need to recruit people. 

( 3 )
Do not post absurd comments.

( 4 ) If any absurd contents are added and if we get any information / report regarding this, the content will be deleted without any confirmation from the user and the user will be banned from the site's activities.

( 5 ) Information about any number of your products can be posted subjected to the condition that they don't blame or devalue any other products or defame any person / tradition / practices

( 6 ) If a candidate attempts the job notification before the last date but in case you have already finished recruitment for the post it's mandatory that you inform the candidate about this via mail / phone. Also such information should be forwarded to us for legal certification.

( 7 ) Queries should not contain indecent content and try to make them as much Mathematics related as possible.

( 8 ) If any absurd contents about a person / company or any baseless accusations or incorrect facts are posted and come to our attention, you will be banned and the content will be deleted without any confirmation.

( 9 ) While using photo upload options try to make it decent and appropriate.

( 10 ) Do not add any vulgar or indecent photos.

( 11 ) Do not use any photos or pictures on which you have no ownership.

( 12 ) If anyone reports on some illicit nature / ownership conflict / privacy breach on the photo or contents uploaded you will be banned and will have to face legal actions.